Design Projects

Zazzle products (2016)

Bedtime Storybook Cover Design

Children’s book cover design

Patterned Mugs (2015)

Cake Pops Pattern (2015)

Flats for Fashion Delegate (2014)

Crocodile T-strap Flats (2014)

Emoji designs for Eventbrite (2015)

Set of Terrariums (2015)

Set of Terrariums (2015)

Galaxy print sneakers (2017)

Dandelion Handbag (2013)

Forest Creatures Heel View (2013)


The shoe sketches were designed as a commission for DC’s Fashion Delegate to be made into a line of professional working women’s flats. The other logos, merchandise, and decor were personalized for specific clients. I received orders from clients on Etsy, 99 Designs, and social media.

The set of emoji were the winning design in a contest hosted by Eventbite.

My Books