Digital Illustration

Lights in the Forest (2017)

Dream Room (2017)

Island of Flying Sea Creatures (2017)

Farewell Summer (2017)

Leopard Gecko (2014)

Final Night On Earth (2017)

Chris Baker (2014)

Human Terrarium (2016)

And All Who Dwell Herein (2015) Graphic Novel Project

Isa and Addie (2015) Graphic Novel Project

Terrarium Seasons (2017)


These digital illustrations were made using a Wacom pen tablet and Autodesk SketchBook.

I received my early drawing experience from private studio lessons (2003-2010) at Margaret Meade’s Art Studio in Centreville, VA and studied advanced Communication Arts & Visual Technology at George Mason University (2010-2013). I graduated early and immediately started writing, illustrating, and publishing books.

My Books